I didn't even realize that sign was pointing to it! I'm going to have to go look now!

love this photo. I want a picture like this for my kids room

A beacon of light. OBSESSED WITH THIS PIC

Most LDS Temples have this statue or one like it on the spire. It's the Angel Moroni, one of the ancient prophets told about in the Book of Mormon. To learn more about the Angel Moroni, contact the missionaries for a free copy of the Book of Mormon.

Salt Lake LDS temple

this site has several great lds pic. This one would be great with 2013 theme, baptism to temple, great places to stand.

"Streets of Heaven" Salt Lake LDS Temple. The movement in this picture is incredible.

"Streets of Heaven" Salt Lake LDS Temple. One of the coolest pictures I've seen of the SL temple.

Provo City Center LDS Temple, Utah | so pretty!!

The Provo City Center Temple is the temple in Utah and the in the world.