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Nora Valkyrie by Rain 雨~~

RWBY - Nora Valkyrie she has to be one of my favorite characters.

Meet the Syndicate...or the new Persona cast, one of the two

Meet the Syndicate.or the new Persona cast, one of the two<< Nah, it's just hunters and huntresses in training!<<< they look like really badass bosses, I don't wanna work under their employment though

RWBY: Boop by Miku-Nyan02 -- the defining moment in Nora and Ren's exposition :)

Nora: Brrrrahhh brrrahh Ren: Nora, I still don't think that's how a sloth sounds. *taps his nose* Ren: *smiles*



#RWBY Ruby and Qrow <<< I found another one that shows my relationship with my family

Qrow is voiced by my fav voice actor and I died when I heard his voice!

Ruby with glasses

Ruby in an alternate dimension! One in which she paid attention in class, and Weiss is an absolute rebel!