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re-pinning b/c nothing is cuter than that puppy with a graduation cap on!! AHHH!

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A party without a cake...

Happy Birthday Quotes For Mom Tumblr


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Nerd Girl Problem #151 media-cdn2.pinter... artaith n3rd stuff

"ummm yes! Mara Daughter of the Nile!! a book worth reading over and over again!" Seeings as I am friends with other nerds, I don't personally have this problem. But this caption, AAAHH! I love that book xDDD.

Then that horrible confuzing time where two characters in seperate books are the same name, like Jack, for instance, and one of them dies, and when you are reading late at night and you freak out when the LIVE Jack shows up.

Nerd Girl Problem 405 - You Just Want To Talk About A Book, Movie, TV Show, Subject, Or Game All The Time, But Don't Because You Don't Want To Annoy Everyone.

suggested by Lauren :)


Which Kind Are You?

Photo - You're pretty, bitch

This post xD

Mona Kitty


Do you have a moment sir…

SO true!


Much enjoyment -

oh my gosh

Hahaha!! XD

Cursed roads... - The Meta Picture

mind. blown.

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You will never know…

This would happen to me.

Cancelled good luck…

The sons of David Beckham are Leo Messi fans. Here' they are wearing an Argentina jersey! www.1502983.talkf...

crazy cat lady

The other kids just leaning away ...haha

hump-dar-21 : theCHIVE

You just got burned!

Lawyer vs. Doctor…

Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe in a wig…