Sam Jinks sculpture. Yes, as in not a painting...not a photo...

Hyper-realistic sculptures by Sam Jinks

hyper-realistic art, still life art sculpture of grandma and baby by Sam Jinks. (It looks so lifelike, but it's not a painting.not a's a sculpture)


Do you like art nude? Making Nude in Art Collection That You Love. Invite you…

Saatchi Online Artist: Lee Boyd; Graphite, 2011, Drawing "What they do best"

What they do best- original sold Drawing by Lee Boyd

Wood Sculpture by Bruno Walpoth

Bruno Walpoth - Sculpture in wood, Bruno Walpoth creates intriguing human sculptures made of wood. The textural imperfections of the sculptures give a figurative spirit to the trees from which it came.


Expansion by Paige Bradley Yoga Sculpture New York, Wow. Just wow. I haven’t encountered a piece of sculpture so beautiful in quite some time. Expansion is a recent work by sculptor Paige Bradley. (via eat like a whale, curse like a sailor)

lego Sculpture

Nathan Sawaya is an artist who creates pretty amazing sculptures out of LEGO bricks. And they're not just recreations of objects, like a car or a building, but actual creative sculptures. Although none of them compare to my LEGO.


This is the amazing work of Cleveland, Ohio-based artist Carl Jara. He sculpts things you never expect to see at a sand castle competition.

Tip Toland, ceramic

Tip Toland Workshop - Putting Expression into the Face - MudFire Clayworks in Atlanta-Decatur, Georgia