parents handwriting on wrists

My parents letter salutations written in their handwriting on my wrists.They have made me who I am, literally and figuratively, and I miss them more and more as I get older and farther away. Its a little piece of them thats with me all the time.

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A sterling silver Zodiac constellation disc necklace. The disc is stamped with the constellation of the Zodiac sign and has been oxidized for detail.

Being close to your mum is the most amazing relationship you can ever have and wish for. Mother… the most important woman in every daughter’s life. There’s always a special bond between a mother and a daughter. Every daughter and mother can confirm this statement. The bond is strong and special because a woman understands …

66 Amazing Mother Daughter Tattoos

Mother daughter tattoos are extremely popular. Here are 29 ideas for matching tattoos moms and daughters can get done to celebrate their love.

Mother and daughter tattoo. I got this with my daughter today 12/3/15

Maybe the word "sunshine" The reason I walk, The reason I run strong, The reason I move forward