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Yup, This is Me...

Yup, This is Me...

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Story of my life...

And people laugh at me for this...

The only reason anything gets done is because of control freaks.


If people knew how often I do this, they would think I'm insane.

INTJ - it's a whole other world in there

Technically I'm not by myself if I have my laptop and my notebooks.

I'm right on the border between INTJ and INTP.

But plotting world domination is fun!

Myers Briggs Personality Types depicted in Disney Characters. I always wanted to be a cross between Milo and Basil of Baker Street... not really.

Quiet people have the loudest minds.

This is the truth.


Does this happen to everyone?

Please, leave those for those of us who need them...

Pretty much, yeah.

The care and keeping of introverts

And then you get into arguments with people who like your character's arch rival better...

I did this when I was little.

This is probably what goes through my D+D character's head every moment of every day.

To a point...


The Silmarillion, anyone?

  • Maria Bodiu
    Maria Bodiu

    I love this book!

  • Kristen Skovsgärd
    Kristen Skovsgärd

    I just started this book, it's amazing so far!

  • Anna Eaton
    Anna Eaton

    I feel happy all of a sudden!

  • Emily Alexander
    Emily Alexander

    I feel your pain

  • Diana ✌️
    Diana ✌️

    Such a great book.

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Sadly, I've had someone call me the female "version" of Sheldon before...

And this is why I'm constantly stressed out.