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Μελάκη Μάτα

Μελάκη Μάτα
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Cute sloth planter - ceramic planter, animal planter - brown - made in Brazil

Carved Wall Art/Sculpture

The ideal home should have a perfect living room, we always want to have a cozy and quiet place. Living room - a place that should suit all the residents of the house or apartment. The living room should be bright and interesting.

dark blue skinny jeans burgundy blazer oversize white, navy & burgundy scarf

Fall / Winter - street chic style - casual style - business casual style - work outfit - office wear - burgundy blazer + burgundy handbag + navy skinnies + black stilettos + green, blue and burgundy plaid oversized scarf

Pottery house wall hanging Welcome sign ceramic by potteryhearts

Pottery house wall hanging Welcome sign ceramic house ornament clay wall hanging small building fairy home handmade ceramics and pottery

Ceramic house wall hanging ceramic house wall art by potteryhearts

Ceramic house wall hanging, ceramic house wall art fairy house miniature houses,pottery house,house ornament,handmade ceramics and pottery