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My kids LOVE m&m's, they may or may not be used frequently as a bribe in our household. I found this idea on Pinterest and it's been ...

M&Ms Feelings Activity. The same color concept could be adapted to several other activities (for example a game of candy land with a similar color concept with the expressive activities).

What is best

Think Before You Speak Printable Posters. Really cute and effective posters and signs for teachers to post on their walls in order to keep hurtful words out of the classroom and teach their students what appropriate behavior is.

The Honey Bunch: June 2012

FREE Behavior Poster~ The folks at The Honey Bunch off this free What To Do When You're Angry poster to help students stop, assess, and then reflect.


Worksheet to go with Julia Cook's book on anger management "SodaPop Head". Helps students to identify their triggers and cool down strategies.