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Krehbiel Mennonite Recipes...

(1)Jost Krayenbuhl, died in prison because of Anabaptist beliefs (2)Jost Krehbiel, born ca. 1650 Switzerland~Magdalena (3) Johann Jacob Krehbiel, died 1778~Susanna Crebuhl (4)Peter O Krehbiel~Friederike Charlotte Nahrgang (5)Peter Krehbiel~Katarena Magdalena Zerger (6) Johann Krehbiel November 12, 1829 in Russia; died May 3, 1889 ~ Anna Katharina Stucky (7)Tobias J Krehbiel~ Maria Goering (8)Valentine W Krehbiel~Adina Zerger (9)Harry H Krehbiel~Alice Wedel (10) Steven Krehbiel (11) (12) (13)now
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Easy Mennonite Refrigerator Pickles (1) From: Naomi Cakes, please visit

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Mennonite Soft White Cookies

Mennonite Soft Cookies (1) From: Food, please visit

Mennonite Soft White Cookies

Tobias J. Krehbiel and wife, Maria Goering. Tobias Krehbiel was son of Johann Krehbiel (born November 12, 1829 in Russia) and Anna Katharina Stucky. Maria was daughter of John Goering and Elizabeth Graber. Tobias and Maria were buried Hopefield Church Cemetery Moundridge, Kansas (1) From: Uploaded by user, no url

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Mennonite "Brown Dish Casserole"..... has ground beef, onion, potatoes, tomato soup and peas (or green beans). (1) From: Mennonite Girls Can Cook, please visit

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Brown Dish Casserole

Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies (1) From: Foodaphilia (2) Webpage has a convenient Pin It Button

Foodaphilia: Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies

Date-Filled Oatmeal Cookies ~From The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes~ (1) From: Rambling Tart (2) Webpage has a convenient Pin It Button

Oatmeal, Dates and a 1/2 Cup of Bacon Grease

Ruhrei ~Mennonite Scrambled Eggs~ (1) From: Just Best Recipes, please visit

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Fresh Peach Pie recipe on page 189 of the old Western Mennonite Cookbook (1) From: Ain't Complicated (2) Webpage has a convenient Pin It Button

Fresh Peach Pie | Ain't Complicated

In a Plain Kitchenfrom In a Plain Kitchen

Homemade Noodles, the Mennonite Way

Homemade Noodles, The Mennonite Way (1) From: Plain Cook, please visit

Homemade Noodles, the Mennonite Way

Fried Potatoes, verbatim from Melting Pot of Mennonite (1) From: Kate's In A Pickle, please visit

Mabel and the Mennonites

Oatmeal Bread (1) From: Foodie's Arsenal, please visit

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Fastnachts Recipe ~ Pennsylvania Dutch word for “doughnut" from an old Mennonite cookbook~ (1) From: Foodie's Arsenal, please visit

Fastnachts or Raised Doughnuts Recipe

Apple Nut Bread ~The original recipe comes from a cookbook: Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking, A Mennonite Community Cookbook~ (1) From: Grit (2) Webpage has a convenient Pin It Button

Apple Nut Bread

Russian Easter Bread (Paska) And Spread ~Recipe from Mrs. H. J. Fast in the Mennonite Community Cookbook~ (1) From: Homestyle World Cook (2) Follow On Pinterest > Sarah White/ Homestyle Cooking Around the

Homestyle Cooking Around The World: Russian Easter Bread (Paska) and spread

Hollapse (Mennonite Cabbage Rolls) (1) From: Story Of A Kitchen, please visit

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Runzas from the Bethesda Mennonite Church Cookbook (1) From: Our View From The Hill, please visit

Our View from the Hill: January 2010

Mennonite Pot Pie Recipe (1) From: Gelati's Scoop, please visit

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Mom's Sho-Fly Pie (1) From: Savor The World, please visit

Mennonite | Savor the World

50th anniversary of Eden Mennonite Church, Moundridge, Kansas. First lady on first row is Maria Goering Krehbiel, wife of Tobias J. Krehbiel. She was born September 3, 1863 in Kotosufka, Russia to John Gering and Elizabeth Graber. This picture is a group of 1874 Immigrants from Russia, taken October 31, 1944. Tobias Krehbiel was deceased by this time. Tobias and Maria are buried Hopefield Cemetery in Moundridge, Kansas (1) From: Uploaded by user, no url

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Easy Mennonite Peach Pie (1) From: Po'Boy Livin' Rich, please visit

Recipe: Easy Peach Pie

Sweet Butter Rolls adapted from Jeanette Wedel of Hesston, Kansas (1) From: The Shoo-Fly Project, please visit

The Shoofly Project...


Hemetschwenger - Apple Turnovers (Mennonite)

Hemetschwenger (Mennonite Apple Turnovers) (1) From: Food (2) Webpage has a convenient Pin It Button

Hemetschwenger - Apple Turnovers (Mennonite)

Vereneke and Ham Gravy. This Low German dish enjoys a long history with our Mennonite ancestors. (1) From: Wildflower Meadow, please visit

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Tante Katja’s Fruit Platz, a fruit platz is one of the most common Mennonite foods that I grew up eating. It’s made up of a cake with fruit on top and sugary crumbs to top it off. I remember eating plum and apricot platz, but in the middle of winter I couldn’t find any of those fruits, so I used some canned cherries. Yum! (1) From: Trust In Kim (2) Webpage has a convenient Pin It Button

Tante Katja's Fruit Platz

Strawberry Platz, pronounced ploats. One of the yummiest Mennonite desserts. (1) From: Paper Pleasing Ideas, please visit

Mmmm, Strawberry Goodness - Paper Pleasing Ideas