Nope Not Today

Not Today Shirt and add "Maybe not tomorrow either", lol need one for every day of the week

Estévez silk dress with mustard silk halter bodice

dress / silk dress / Estévez for Grenelle by DearGolden. I seriously love this dress. If I ever have a place to go again I will get and wear this dress.

this is my....

This Is My I Hate Everyone Today Shirt

Everyone knows real men marry nurses. Digitally printed on an athletic tri-blend t-shirt. You'll love it's classic fit and ultra-soft feel. Each shirt is printe

if it requires....

"If it requires PANTS or a BRA it's not happening today" To funny!

I'm a damsel

Why don't people ever include her in the Princess line up? They mention Mulan and Mulan's not a princess either. Meg should be mentioned in Disney conversations more.

how to do math

YES. Took the last Math class of my life this past semester and I am SO happy to be done with it.

i'm classy

If the intelligent, classy, well educated woman who made this was in fact well educated, you would think she would have known that a lot are separate words, right?

Black dress

Cute bridesmaid dress idea: When the Night Comes Dress in Blue by BB Dakota at Modcloth