(Heavy breathing)

Well, now I have to find out if they'll really do it. For science.

No really, did she...?

To this day, I still wonder if that bitch ever moved out of Ludacris' way. I actually laughed out loud


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Boom! Suck it Chris Brown!

Nothing beats a beautiful girl…

Funny pictures about Nothing beats a beautiful girl. Oh, and cool pics about Nothing beats a beautiful girl. Also, Nothing beats a beautiful girl.

Ugh yes! So tired...

Sick of Hearing About Gluten Free Diets? Don't stop talking about gluten intolerance.

I laughed too hard at this...

Macklemore What You Know About Rocking A Wolf On Your Noggin?: Looks like a Siberian Husky knows a little bit about it! can't deny this dog is cleve


When I was little, I thought I would be like Spongebob. But I found that I am mostly Like Squidward. Especially my neighbors. I am like Spongebob-Renee

Why Would They Do Something Like That?

Poor polar bear has to play the waiting game before he can eat his apples!