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Coaching Models

Coaching Models

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Free what do i want? This worksheet is designed to help you figure out what you want. What you want will always change, by the day, or the hour, or the minute. And once you get what you want, you’ll want something else. Doing this worksheet every day should keep you busy identifying fresh desires. You can stop thinking about your old stale desires so they can finally manifest.

The “What Do I Want?” Worksheet

The Tower of Productivity

Abundance in life wheel... have clients in group use one color to mark where they are now and a second color to mark where they want to be. Discuss reasons for the discrepancy and how they can achieve their goals.

Change your thoughts; change your life!

Positive Thinking |

Zig Ziglar's The Wheel of Life. When setting goals, make sure you include these areas.

The Wheel Of Life

Change is not an event, it is a process. #goals #quotes #change

Achieve your goals - Confidence Coaching

Achieve your goals - Confidence Coaching

S vs N What a handy tool!

Flokka | Great Inspirational Quotes & General Facts

J vs P MBTI - I am such a J

Flokka | Curating Quotes About Life

Understanding personality types - extrovert or introvert? | Flokka definitely an F. Hubby? definitely a T

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GROW model - This thinking model creates a great opportunity to reflect on how you see the world, your goals and yourself. It gives you clarity and provide you with alternative thinking strategies.

Finding Your Purpose Series with Free Printable Worksheets. 10 Steps: Discipline, Face Fear, Faith, Envision, Quit Waiting for the Right Time, Gratitude, Say No, FInish Things, Renew, and Define Your Purpose.

Step Nine: Renew, or How To Find Your Fire When You Feel Lost

Life Mapping Worksheet

How Do You Know Which Dream to Focus on First? Wheel of Life Worksheet and amazing blog full of fun & helpful info!

How Do You Know Which Dream to Focus on First?

Does your client need help putting their values into words? This free coaching tool gives them a list of sample values to get them started defining their values and understanding what drives them. www.thecoachingto...

This awesome FREE resource is one of our most popular freebies! It gives you a list with examples of the MOST common ways we (negatively) distort our perception of the world. Great as a reference for you OR your clients! www.thecoachingto...

Ever wonder what to cover in an intake session? Use this detailed, customizable free coaching template to help you cover everything you need. www.thecoachingto...

Have a client who needs some extra help goal-setting? Use this *FREE* set of coaching questions to help your clients to set extraordinary goals and stick to them! www.thecoachingto...

Have a client who’s stuck and not seeing any options or choices? Use these powerful FREE coaching questions to help your clients brainstorm options, take action and get unstuck! www.thecoachingto...

The Johari Window

Have a client struggling with their current career or trying to find the right one? Help your client rediscover their buried career hopes and dreams and look for common threads and patterns that run through their life with this super career discovery coaching exercise. www.thecoachingto...

Have you seen this great tool for prioritization? www.thecoachingto...

Looking for more insights into your clients? Use this powerful coaching tool to get ideas about where to really provide value and dig deeper when coaching them. www.thecoachingto...