Fun color party idea- perfect for teenagers and really inexpensive!

Hollyhocks & Honeybees: Colorful Birthday Party idea(colored cornstarch)~wear sunglasses&use air compressor to "clean" up.

Water Relay Races ~ Water Party Games like water bucket transfer relay, water gun relay, put on a wet suit relay, water balloon fight and shaving cream fight.

Water Relay Races, but sitting down and blindfolded. For cold weather have the cups filled with popcorn or ping pong balls instead of water. Good indoor game, too. Could be an event for our Popcorn Explosion, fosters team work.

Backyard glamping party - perfect for a tween sleepover

31 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer. While you’re impatiently waiting for summer to just GET HERE already, start planning your outdoor space. 30 DIY Ideas How To Make Your Backyard Wonderful This Summer

Sleepover party room

What an awesome kid slumber party place! I would totally love to have a sleepover here!

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