I want to share successful experiences, as I was getting a US visa category to enter to America to study. Not only that, I got the visa, and got a visa after visa refusal, i.e. overcome the refusal of a visa to the United States. So in order.

Sunrise Over Paris: Make Sure you do this in France

I would love to travel to Paris, France one day! This city seems so beautiful and I have heard the food is great too! I would love to travel here one day!(I LOVE PAREIS)

Trastevere, Rome. Enjoy a lovely meal at one of the restaurants that line the cobblestone streets. The Culture Trip will tell you all about The 10 Best Restaurants in Rome's Trastevere. (photo by: Laurais Arts) More


"I've studied all the pictures/ In magazines and books/ I memorized the subway map too/ It's one block north to Macy's/ And two to Brother's Brooks/ Manhattan, I've prepared for you"