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Do You Need a DETOX? 15 Signs your Liver is STRESSED

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How increased intestinal permeability and leaky gut syndrome lead to autoimmune disease:

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PLEASE READ THE 28 "Lupus Secrets" brought to you by Dr. Thomas of the Lupus Encyclopedia: Book about SLE, fibromyalgia, Sjögren’s, arthritis etc We are so honored to share his lupus knowledge with all of you, and we hope these secrets leave you feeling empowered to live your best life with lupus! Please share these with anyone you know who can benefit from them and let us know your thoughts below!

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Boost Adrenal And Thyroid Energy Using 3 Reflexology Points

If you feel tired all the time, discover 3 Chinese Reflexology points that can help bring your body back into balance and boost your energy levels.

The lymph system consists of lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and organs. The primary jobs of the lymphatic system are to isolate and fight infections, and to absorb excess fluid, fat and debris from our bodies. As these materials build up in the lymph system, it may become congested or blocked. Because the lymph system cleanses our entire body, symptoms of a blocked system can manifest in many ways from frequent cold and infections to joint pain.Clean up your diet to cleanse your lymphatic…

LOOK: How Stress Affects The Body

Ever wonder the kinds of effects stress can have on the body and your life?