Big Three Siblings | art by cookiecreation

The big three siblings. Jason and Thalia, Tyson and Percy, Hazel and Nico. I can also see Bianca in the bottom one as well!

Wittle Cas and wittle Nico di Angelo in my pockets! Wittle Loki and wittle Hermione! A Pocket John! Wittle Lucifer and wittle Moriarty

Lol and here we all are staring at Logan Lerman and internally complaining about what a terrible Percy he is.she looks genuinely concerned.>>>I suspect a fangirl in our midst. HER FACE KILLLS ME

PJO Instagram posts 1/? - Jason. Goes with the Dance Academy!AU. | art by rattersarts

Okay these are kind of weird but I had to pin because of Octavian's comment on the first pic: WHO BROKE MY TOILET

Hahahahahah! Oh my gods!!! Dying here!------》》only percy jackson fans would understand it

You will only get the joke if your are a serious Percy Jackson fan! (for those of you who aren't Percy Jackson fans - in the books when Jason was about 2 he tried to eat a stapler)<< this would eventually happen

Nicknames--Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Calypso, Frank, Hazel, Nico, and Reyna (art by Viria)

I think for Frank it should be 'Silly Chinese Canadian Baby Man' and 'Sparky' for Jason.