If there were ever another reason for my renovated school bus road trip dream.this is it! WHAT A VIEW!

// al fresco

Long table with log stools. Love the idea of an alfresco dinner party in an orchard. An Orchard Brunch with Poppy Barley - via offbeat + inspired

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Nich Hance is a photographer that likes immortalizing each moment of the road trips he does in the whole America : deserts, mountains’ chains, old cars an

tree art

THE TREES HAVE EYES! Clear the lower branches from a thicket of trees and go nuts! If you paint them really big, they could work along the trees on the dam wall because people view them from afar. Use glow in the dark pink paint!

with-grace-and-guts: Canoeing in November // David Lindwall (wonder / wander)

Three Rivers Deep

When I think of places that are associated with Transcendentalism, I think of places like the woods. Just areas with no cities around that are full of places to explore. The forest is just a great place to lose yourself in nature.


hellanne: by Ekaterina Grigorieva

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