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A beginner’s guide to buying chickens. All about chickens for sale: Facts about chickens you should know before buying. Caring for chickens after purchase to safeguard flock health.

Chickens are fun and loving creatures that also provide a constant supply of fresh eggs. However, you need to take proper care of them if you want to have a beautiful flock of happy and healthy chickens.

Your imagination is the limit. This tire turned into planter is the perfect example. The tire part is turned inside out to make the round pot!

not the usual dark brown eggs barnevelders are known for a case of red ...

Such beautiful pencilling. This breeder's line lays cream not the usual dark brown eggs Barnevelders are known for. A case of red ear lobes and not brown eggs!


Silver Barnevelder Hen- photo from Greenfire Farms; This breed originated in Holland about 200 years ago, a cross between Asian fowl and Dutch chickens. They get their name from the Dutch town of Barneveld.