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This week we’re jumping ahead in the Enneagram to look at the Type 9 Personality. Commonly known as the ‘Peacemakers,’ these are often the hardest personality type to identify simply because they can be so mellow.


Recipe Hack: Milk and Cookie Cups: Dominique Ansel, maker of the Cronut, intrigued Americans with his latest creation: the Cookie Shot, a chocolate chip cookie cup filled with vanilla milk and inspired by the classic American pairing.

#mbti rundown. Good place to start. It's definitely not this simple though.

Make one special photo charms for you, compatible with your Pandora bracelets.ESTJ for me. And when I'm around people (that I don't know very well) I am ESFJ.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - The MBTI preferences indicate the differences in…

absolutely right

Unexpected Love: The best kind of relationship begin unexpectedly. When you get that astonished feeling and every happens so suddenly. That's why you don't look for love. It come to you just at the right time; the time you never thought it would have.

Carrot look cupcakes... saw these on Home and Family fun are these :)

INGREDIENTS:– Ice Cream Cones – Chocolate Cake Batter (made from mix or from scratch) – Buttercream Icing (store bought or homemade) – Orange Candy Melts packs) – Orange Sprinkles jars) – Green Edible Candy Grass