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Infant first aid for choking and CPR: An illustrated guide

EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW THIS! infant first aid for choking and CPR: an illustrated guide! ***Everyone should print this and hang it inside your kitchen cabinet for emergencies! EVERY SECOND COUNTS WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR EMS!

potty training tips- we are starting this Monday!! Its exactly what my mom said to do

Instead of giving kids an allowance, they can pick what tasks they want to do and earn as much money as they choose.

Top Ten "Good Things" From YOU

When you have a baby or small child who has a very high fever and medication just won’t bring it down. Take a pair of white socks, soak them in apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Put them on the childs feet and wrap the feet in a towel. Wait till socks have dried, if fever is still high, repeat. I’ve never had to do it twice, once has always done the trick. Trust me ladies this does work. hmmm.

Making one of these for sure! This is a great idea! A pillow case remade...perfect for traveling and naps... Good idea for a baby shower:-)

I wish my mom did this for me. File folders for K-12 to hold memorable school items and showcase that years school photo.