Add USB To Wall Outlets To Charge your phone (7 Ways)

U-Socket USB Wallplug. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just connect your phone to your wall socket with a USB cable to charge it? On the site there is also an outlet with 4 USB plugs for those of us with more than two USB charging devices.

Screw plasticware. I'm a hobo. $27.95

Hobo Eat Kit

Hobo Eat Kit includes a fork, knife and spoon with nylon carrying case. This utensil kit is perfect for on-the-go or outdoor dining. All three utensils slide apart and back together for an all-in-one dining kit.

Alarm Dock - $40.00. Want.

Alarm Dock

This alarm clock gives your iPhone a gorgeous analog makeover. Docks for the iPad and iPhone are notoriously poor looking. The Alarm Dock from designer Jonas Damon uses wood to convert your iPhone into an alarm clock with retro styling.

Dosh Piano Luxe. Awesome wallet - $89.00 (AUD) or probably cheaper on Amazon, etc.

Dosh is a designer men's wallet brand from Sydney, Australia. The dosh design philosophy is to create functional, innovative products for the modern, style savvy individual

LG Tone BHS-700 - $50.00  I'm a geek and want everything on this page.

Best Bluetooth accessories right now (roundup)

Jawbone has released a new wireless speaker for mobile devices called the JamBox with a fresh design from Fuse Project. The JamBox is a wireless speaker a

This is one of the best ads I've seen these days...I definitely want to buy some razors!

Fun commercial for Dollar Shave Club. It's time to shave time and shave money.

Eau Good Water Bottle w/ Charcoal Filter - $20.00

Specialising in unusual & beautifully designed gift collections to intrigue and captivate the imagination

Cowabunga, it's time for some new shorts. $78.00

Cowabunga, it's time for some new shorts. $78.00

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