Arismeire Silva Fiedoruk

Arismeire Silva Fiedoruk

Eu tenho preguiça de escrever algo sobre mim... isso já me define ^^
Arismeire Silva Fiedoruk
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Star Butterfly, Butterflies, Cartoon Art, Stars, Kawaii

Spring by Wooh Nayoung

Cherry blossom hanbok 벚꽃 한복 Digital drawing, 2016 Sorry for late update! Because of childbirth, i’ve been very busy :D Spring is already in korea, therefore cherryblossoms everywhere!

WOOHNAYOUNG[흑요석] Hanbok modernized

Tuxedo Hanbok Dress Digital drawing, 2015 Pictures for sales are high definition.

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Elise Dray Rings :: Elise Dray white gold and grey diamonds double ring; This would look great with some long almond nails

anklet anklet bangle body jewelry foliage by AlenaStavtseva

anklet - anklet bangle - body jewelry - foliage - gift for her - ankle jewelry - eaf jewelry - leaf necklace