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16 Great Ways To Avoid Talking To A Huge Creep

Funny texts - Ways to avoid talking to a huge creep <<< The magic Conch is my favourite

I'm dying!

Funny pictures about Poe Dancing. Oh, and cool pics about Poe Dancing. Also, Poe Dancing photos.


I agree with the person who is flipping out over the fact that there is a lion king novel series. Like WHATTTTTT?

Fluffiest dogs ever

Adorable trio of fluffy puppies. The fluffiest Great Pyrenees ever! I'm having a fluffy attack.

Should not have laughed this hard.

The Bible can be viewed as two different texts. The second half of The Bible is a chronicle of the life of Jesus, who Christians consider to be the Messiah. The first half of The Bible is basically a

Monster Cookie Dough Dip, no eggs! _ Great for movie nights

Monster Cookie Dough Dip 1 ounce) package cream cheese, softened ½ cup butter, slightly softened 1 cup creamy peanut butter 2 cups powdered sugar 3 Tablespoons brown sugar cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 ½ cups rolled oats, old fashioned

And they neverrr put enough of it. Without fail, I have to pay for extra every time.

Funny pictures about A respectful letter to Subway Inc. Oh, and cool pics about A respectful letter to Subway Inc. Also, A respectful letter to Subway Inc.

Funny october fact - Funny Picture

I've swam in the ocean and never been attacked by a shark, however, I was walking in a field and was chased by a cow (there was no calf around either). Gee, thought sharks were aggressive and cows were docile.

I just died.

Vogue Russia Adam Levine - It's not so rare to see a brooding singer paired up with a seriously hot model and it's not so scorned either when they're willing t.