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losing & winning teams

teams are everywhere. teamplayers strive for the best. some win, others lose. what do winners and losers look like? serious teamwork? check

losing & winning teams

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Winning, no doubt!

Not really teams, but still winning and losing constellations. Beautiful expression!

Losing makes you want to hide your face. The Dutch lose against Germany 1-2.

These people just officially opened a earth heat project in The Hague. They gain 75C hot water at 2000 meters, extract the heat and pump the water back in the ground. This delivers sustainable energy to 4000 houses. Great job!

Look at their body language, what a winners. Keizer & Van Iersel 1st time euro champs beach volley.

Geert Wilders and his lawyer Bram Moskowitz lose their law suit against the Dutch state over Dutch participation in a new European monetary reserve fund.

Employees at NedCar protesting to keep their jobs. Concerned faces. Most sad, some angry. After years of uncertainty I'm afraid they're on the losing hand.

When there's love, there are winners ;-)

World leaders at the Nato summit. Look closely at their faces. Everyone looks in a diferent direction. This is not a team of winners.

Winners. These guys participated in the 'Night of the Refugee'. An initiative to raise money for refugees in NL.

Winners of a 'Appeltje van Oranje' 2012, a Dutch royal price for green initiatives. One of the winners for example is a petting farm where handicaped people help running the farm. Kisses from Maxima, winners for sure ;-)

Winners! This is the complete Istagram team taken over by Facebook for $ 1 billion. Picture taken with Istagram at FB headquarters day after take over was announced.

Mexican dancers for Queen Elisabeth's diamond jubilee. Look like winners though little over the top.

De Graafschap degrades to second league. Losers this time.

SPD wins in German politics

Winners. 48 million euro's devided by the amount of orange scarves meant 6300 per ticket.

Manila stock traders after collapse of Lehman Bro. Losing severly.

First Asian team to join the World Championship: the Dutch East Indian team in 1938. Flew out of the tournament after their first match.

You can buy a team, but you can't buy team spirit. Losers.

No dialogue, no glory. So losers, I'd say. BTW these guys are Dutch soldiers catching Somalian pirats.

No winning, just mud

WC final 2010, lost against Spain

Remember 1988, yes a winning team

Defenitely A (winning) team