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It has long been said that Jasper is not just a special place, but a magical one.

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We’re always up for expanding our cultural horizons, especially when it happens to involve local eateries. Perhaps that’s why we got unreasonably excited when Al Seraj opened its doors last month in Little Rock.

When we first heard chef Arturo Solis was moving from One Eleven at the Capital to its more casual sister restaurant across the lobby, we could hardly wait to see how he would shake things up.

As classic as it is simple—it’s just fresh-caught lobster, diced celery, mayo and lemon on a brioche roll

The story of how Frank Lloyd Wright's Bachman Wilson House found its way to Arkansas is one of stewardship, devotion and sacrifice

His restaurant has bars on the windows, a severe lack of parking options, and yet his pizza is some of the best I’ve had in the state. Ever, really.