math about me page - great for beginning of the year

math about me page - great for beginning of the year. I love this for a beginning of the year math activity!

Manifest the best year!!!

Hellooo HAPPY NEW YEARS! Love you guys so much! What are your New Years resolutions? :) xx it's early but oh well.

jungle baby cupcakes - Google Search

Easy monkey cupcakes: regular and mini Nilla Wafers + ready-made icing eyes + brown/black tube of icing . (Most people see a monkey but I see a Mickey mouse smiley face with eye ball head band) ;

Preschoolers via Early Childhood Educators ROCK! Love this reminder. Kids learn a lot through play time. #conveyawareness

People always say "how can children learn if they just play all day?" Remember: through play children are learning all the skills they need during life, from mathematical thinking to social understanding.