The sisters in NIGHT OF THE COMET.

Night of the Comet My favorite apocalypse, sci fi, film. Girls take on the zombies. 'This isn't date night in the barrio, Raul.

Jacqueline Scott and Robert Lansing in EMPIRE OF THE ANTS.

Joan Collins, Robert Lansing, and Jacqueline Scott in Empire of the Ants

Is she a killer mermaid? Watch NIGHT TIDE and find out!

Cult film--it's a label that's often applied far too loosely. For purposes of this list, my definition is that a cult film is a motion pictu.

The bizarre, but entertaining, THE LOST CONTINENT.

The Lost Continent 1968 "Shipwrecked survivors drift to an apparently deserted land of strange creatures, killer seaweed, and Spanish soldiers who answer to El Supremo, a leader who appears to be no more than a child-

Laurie Zimmer in John Carpenter's "Assault on Precinct 13"

Cult Movie Theatre: John Carpenter Channels Howard Hawks in "Assault on Precinct

Ralph Meeker in the best Mike Hammer movie: KISS ME DEADLY.

Scene from "Kiss Me Deadly." Amazing noir with an atomic twist.