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I hope to arrive at my death late, in love, and a little drunk. @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry

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Yes! Never go back! And if what broke you tries reaching out to you again, ignore them. They haven't changed! A valuable lesson for everyone to know.

Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes

"just so we're all clear, it's okay to miss people you no longer want in your life"

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5. 10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders --- This article from Forbes Magazine discusses many communication strategies that leaders should possess to make the largest impact. Poor communication skills are problem behaviors that need to be extinguished, but focus inward and are difficult to break. I had one poor communication skill eliminated through positive punishment.

10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders

No/low contact is the only way to go. Don't take their bait. Never argue with someone who believes their own lies. Picture Quotes.

Don't let the mixed signals fool you. Indecision is a decision. #quote #words #sayings #poster

Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes

After you hell should be easy

Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes

A "mature" woman who believes in passion, humor, honesty, a little sarcasm, the beauty of nature &...

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Hand Painted 12" Wedding Globe, Shabby Chic, Gold Hand Lettering -- Custom Made To Order by PrettyLittleDoodads on Etsy

Hand Painted 12 Wedding Globe Shabby Chic by PrettyLittleDoodads

You can give them another chance, or you can forgive, let go, and give yourself a better chance.

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A relationship with her is built on lies. I would feel guilty if I were you.

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#Quote: I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn't need a reaction.

Heartfelt Quotes: I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn't need a reaction.

if you can be anything... be kind.

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"Never so 'No' to adventure. Always say 'Yes'. Otherwise you'll lead a very dull life." Ian Flemming. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. {Kathleen*}


23 Perfect Words For Emotions You Never Realised Anyone Else Felt

Learn to dance in the rain and be somebody else's rainbow. (Quote from website)


Focus on happy, focus on happy, focus on happy. These beautifully imperfect concentric circles make clear what you should be worried about - Happy! Focus on happy is sized to fit nicely on your wrist area to so that it serves as a quickie, friendly reminder of what's important. Sheet size: 3" x 3"

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choose brave shop — Capabable, Brave, Significant

Southern ~ The Best of Intentions: 15 Words To Use More Often

The Best of Intentions: 15 Words To Use More Often

#SarahDessen quote "I like flaws, they make things interesting." just a quote from my FAVORITE AUTHOR OK

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Euneirophrenia = The peace of mind that comes from having pleasant dreams