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Community Post: 15 Things We Will All Miss About Dwight Shrute

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27 Quirky Websites You Never Knew You Needed

Type any emotion into The Office Stare Machine, and you’ll find a YouTube library of those signature breakings of the fourth wall. It’s here.

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Sleep may be one of your favorite things so why not make the most of it? Research shows that a healthy day begins with a good night’s sleep. C by GE light bulbs can affect your body’s natural rhythms, giving you the right light to support your sleep cycle and start improving your life. Order your Starter Pack today!

12 Extremely Satisfying GIFs Of Things Being Cut By Knives

Textile designer Stine Linneman had some old cones of yarn lying around her studio and wondered "What would happen if ...I sliced them straight across?" The result is not simply a wondrous surprise...

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19 Charts That Will Help You Be An Actual Adult

A very funny read~ And I found some information to be actually useful at any age ;) See the Chart for how to dress for an interview and the checklist for Renting a home. ~Enjoy!~

skirt length and shoe selection guide

Skirt length and shoe selection guide. Super helpful guide in helping you find the right type of shoes.