I like this laundry basket storage idea - not only for the laundry room, but also for a closet. Could be a toy storage solution. Good to store items - in the garage or basement - for many uses.

Book nook

Cute & Easy idea to stage a bonus room nook as a fun kids reading area: just add curtains, book shelves & bean bags!

I would really like something like this in my backyard

My dream outdoor spaces (30 photos)

Make your wood look new again in minutes! This DIY trick is seriously awesome and cheap! #homeimprovement

Got Wood? Get rid of scratches and dings with a simple wipe. No need to sand and refinish, and it's cheap! Clean up your wood cabinets, doors, baseboards in a matter of minutes! I thought I had to sand and re-stain my bedroom set!

Revamp of builder's grade bathroom mirror

Revamp Bathroom Mirror: Before & After -- And it doesn't involve cutting or removing the mirror! Not that I have a mirror in the house larger than a Or a bathroom that large. My bathroom is about as large as that mirror I think.

50 essential verses to write around your home Pin now look at later

50 essential verses to write around your home. Pin now, keep for later. 50 essential verses to write around your home. Pin now, keep for later.

Mark a horizontal midline on the wall, and hang all pictures above or below it... 

Whoa - this is sort of brilliant.

Mark a horizontal line and hang picture frames or your childrens' art work on either side of the line.perfect for a back hallway