Hehe! Awesome.

Well, good luck with that…

LEGOs recently came out with a pair of slippers. Why? Because the internet has been claiming the pain of stepping on a LEGO is worse than a shark bite. “I hope you step on a Lego” is the internet’s fa (Step Son Hilarious)

I'm still laughing hahahaha

flying baby is needed to the showroom floor. flying baby to the showroom floor.

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I hate when netflix stops & asks if I'm still watching. like yeah, you think I got up and started doing something with my life?

Laughed so hard not gonna lie! This is what my little sis looks like when she wakes up!

I looked like this this morning! That is my face when i wake up when the alarm clock goes off . Cause its like reeeeeaally do i have to get up and that is also how my hair looks when i wake up:-V