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AWW....wait why don't they call nico batman instead of death breath

Nico Jason and Hazel. I like Nico as Jason's little brother who he ADORES

Percy and Nico and Jason | art by monkeyscandance

The Little Big Three: Percy Jackson, Nico di Angelo, and Jason Grace.

This literally breaks me into thousands of tiny ilttle piecese gfselbhvhyjm,jvcdfghjm. Why does everyone assume that older Nico is tattooed up???

Older Nico and Percy. (my favorite percy drawing possibly ever)>>>>>>and Nico as well

Heroes of Olympus - Jason Grace x Nico di Angelo - Jasico----solangelo for life but this is amazing

nico: jason i swEAR on the RIVER OF STYX i will KILL YOU if you dont bring me back down! jason: haha what had lots of fun experimenting with this! glad im finally getting on board with my 2013 new.

What are u wearing will, is this Harry Potter themed

Solangelo <<<HAHAHA at first glance I thought they were Adrian and Marinette sorry XD still cute

Nico x Jason

Grace, I am strongly determined to draw you a better Jasico eventually>:C Or at least something that has at least a bit of an actual idea in it. for now though I only have two demigods smooching around pointlessly after some hard training haha

Blind!Nico Solangelo- aww<<its actually jason and nico not will and nico you can see jasons scar on his lip

Blind Nico - Jason & Nico (but I don't ship that so imma change it to Will and Nico) ;


this is what nico and will’s late nights are like<< I thought this was going in a totally different direction