blue shells I have seen a lot of shells in my time, but none as cool as these :)

We love the natural beauty of these pretty blue and white shells.

Seahorses are captured by the millions in China due to being used in Chinese medicine. They're also used for commercial use such as pendants and key chains. They also fall victims to fishing nets. Because of this they're facing extinction :( Want to help? google petitions to save them and support Ocean conservation organizations, like Oceana :) #saveourseahorse

Spiny sea horse I love the color blue and I love seahorses so this image makes me happy. I don't want to make a still life of this, but I want to use the color and the shape. I also want to acquire a pet seahorse.

The blue-cheeked butterflyfish (Chaetodon semilarvatus) is a species of butterflyfish (family Chaetodontidae). It is found in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, at depths of between 3 and 20 m

The Masked Butterflyfish is found in the Red Sea and in the Gulf of Aden. Masked Butterflyfish feed on coral polyps, tentacles of featherdusters, and Christmas-tree worms.

** jellyfish underwater sea life

Gabon Expedition: Oil Rigs Are a Haven for Marine Life "Underwater there is amazing life, like this jellyfish with dozens of silver little fish among its long tentacles" (Photo by Enric Sala)

Green hard coral Fiji by randapex, via Flickr

Green hard coral Fiji--- These hard corals look kind of ugly during the day but at night when feeding, are quite beautiful

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Contrast occurs between the light and dark colors, as well as the plainness of the background and the pattern of the foreground. This post is posted on Thursday 13 June Currently has 566 notes Tagged as: blue purple marine sea life reef

"MI AMOR"... I love looking at saltwater tanks and my favorite are the seahorses. They look so delicate.

13 Animals With Fabulous Hair

Underwater Photographer Stan Bysshe's Gallery: Contest: Lettuce Sea Slug -

Lettuce Sea Slug from Underwater Photographer Stan Bysshe. Wouldn't this make a fabulous ruffled knit or crochet scarf?

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