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Fleur de pivoine - by Francoise de Felice

Françoise de Felice, descendant of an Italian father and French mother, was born in Paris where she lived until she was 20 years of age. As a child Françoise de Felice was introduced to art by her grandmother.

francoise de felice

⊰ Posing with Posies ⊱ paintings & illustrations of women & children with flowers - Françoise de Felice

Francoise de Felice

Inspired by the magnificence of The Sicilian baroque and the light of the island she reached out further to an almost liquid yet precise line. Her style derives both from instinct and depth of thought.


The paintings of Françoise de Felice manage to be very classical in composition, content and aesthetic. Whilst also bein.

Francoise de Felice, Lucie    |  Exquisite art, 500 days a year.  |

Francoise de Felice, I have learned from her website ~ despite my tenuous grasp on the French language ~ is half French, half Italian, and lives in Paris. Her impossibly romantic name and heritage are reflected in her ethereal paintings.