Arte 2000 - Material

Refined marbles, unique and antique hand-chiselled pieces. We carefully select high quality row materials.

Arte 2000 - Private

Our company will be at your side from the beginning until the end of a project, guiding you throughout this path with professionalism, proficiency, enthusiasm and commitment.

Arte 2000 - Authenticity

The authenticity of the artisanal product with Made in Italy quality will be granted by the engraving of our brand name “ARTE on every creation.

Arte 2000 - Antique

All our works are of recent production. Find them all in our gallery!

Arte 2000 - Artisanship

Refined quality of the real Made in Italy craftsmanship. Each sculpture is an artistic project chiselled in our laboratory.

Arte 2000 - About Us

Arte 2000 - About Us