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Sheep farm near Matamata, New Zealand used as the movie set location for the village of Hobbiton in the Shire, Middle-earth. After filming LOTR, the hobbit-holes were repurposed as sheep dwellings.

Bioconstrução de Taipa com base em Pneus

Earthship: completely sustainable home made from recycled materials like bottles, cans and old tires. I would love to have a house that I could be proud in saying that I not only didnt make a bigger footprint but maybe erased a few.

permaculturarj: Bioconstrução no Sítio Abaetetuba

permaculturarj: Bioconstrução no Sítio Abaetetuba


Rocket stove heater built into cob furniture/seating that keeps warm in the winter. Just a pic, but I think I found my solution to a cozy reading nook.