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an abstract drawing with black and white lines on the bottom half of it, surrounded by words
Cold soul
Cold soul | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an architectural drawing shows the various angles and materials
More on Weekly Challenge #155
Tropicana -- 1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More: More on Weekly Challenge #155
a black and white drawing on paper with an artistic design in the middle, it looks like
3 Zentangle pictures art. - Fashion and Travel Blogger
Crescent Moon
an image of some type of calligraphy in the style of doodle with swirls and
BEBO by Shazia
the diagram shows how to make an origami box with different shapes and sizes
New Tangle: Eclipse
someone is holding up an art piece with butterflies on it, and the image has been drawn
an intricately designed paper cutting board with black and white lines in the center, on a dark surface
Zentangle Nr. 12
a young boy is working on an art project
Good Enough to Eat!
Great Line project for the beginning of the year. A Glimmer of Light: Good Enough to Eat!
a card with black and white designs on it
New tangle pattern, Gooberz. Julie Beland. Zentangle.
a black and white drawing on top of a piece of paper with a marker next to it
ending the week with a sunday night doodle! #zentangle #zenspire #zenspiredesigns