Linda Kittmer...Be Good to Yourself -lettering - make one for each letter of the alphabet in my journal and have quote start with the letter.

Alphabet quote journal ~ Linda Kittmer ~ use a favorite quote that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

illuminated letter B

illuminated letter B 'Pierre Lombard, Commentaire sur les Psaumes - David Jouant de la Harpe'. The 'Manerius' style from the late century

Illuminated Letters. watercolor?

I liked this illuminated letter because it showed how to use water colors. I also liked this example because it shows a common theme and color palette used consistently through the entire drawing.

LOVE these little letters by michelle allen.

Tiny canvases and each student gets a letter. Even an adult could pencil in the letters and the students paint them. Could do the alphabet, or even spell out out words