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ArtEd- Timers, Transitions

ArtEd- Timers, Transitions

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Use these 10 tricks to for easier transitions. Get your students to transition more quickly and easily in the classroom, so you can have more time to teach!

10 Tricks for Easier Transitions

How to set your computer to play music automatically at transition times. I just set mine up - the middle school kids love it!

This App "Noise Control" magically ask your students & kids to keep quiet on your behalf..... It's so magical that teachers found that students are more willing to corporate in classroom activities.... theteachingpalett...

“Shhh” Noise Control | The Teaching Palette

Animated timers that you can put on the projector. Gives students a visual for the time they have remaining. Plus a fun surprise (noise cue) when time is up! :)

Classroom Timers - Fun Timers

Transitions at School

Fun and funky classroom timer! This is candle timer. The candle will start diminishing as the time runs out, and then give out a chiming music at the end!

Classroom Timers | Timers for Whiteboard |

Critical Thinking and Teamwork activities this activity could be very useful to get students thinking especially after lunch times

Twitter / Christchurchsw9: Critical thinking and teamwork ...

A Line Up Song freebie and classroom management ideas. Kindergarten Faith

Line up chants and great transition songs for when you're leaving the classroom! Think my middle school students could do these as a friendly reminder to be quiet!

What the Teacher Wants!: Management Monday!

Education to the Core Blog Post: 10 Tricks for Easier Transitions.

Education to the Core: 10 Tricks for Easier Transitions

Time Tracker - It's never been easier...or more fun to keep kids on track with this unique lighted electronic timer. You can easily program green, yellow and red sections and six sound effects to indicate that time is running out. With 180viewing, it teaches time management. Perfect for: Study sessions, Projects, Tests, Experiments, Practice sessions, Classroom Assignments, Cooking, Hearing impaired and hundreds more uses!

Time Tracker - LER6900

Tips for using quiet signals and timers to management instruction effectively

Visual Timer Apps

Visual Timer Apps

Visual Timer Apps

Visual Timer Apps

I'm thinking of using this in my elementary art classroom this year. It's from artmakeskidssmart.... I start day one with my "seven minute rule." I use a timer, projected on the overhead screen, and expect the students to work for a full seven minutes with no talking. When the seven minutes is up, I set the timer to three minutes and allow students to use one of those minutes to stretch and rest their hand (and head) and then to continue to work but quiet talking and sharing is allowed. After the three minutes is up, I repeat the process. First, seven minutes of quiet work, followed by three minutes of a more relaxed time. Also, toward the end of the class time, I allow for quiet talking and encourage the sharing of work.

line up chants

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Line Up Songs & Chants {Freebie}

music "alarms" and timers :) - good idea

Transition music as part of the class daily routine. #education

online stop watch to put on board during clean up time

This powerpoint is for any classroom, any grade. The powerpoint is a timer set to change slides every minute. If you want the students to work for ...

New art room clean up song?

  • Pam Skojec
    Pam Skojec

    This is great! Kids can clean up and as soon as they finish, they can sit on the carpet to watch the rest of the video!

It's Time to Clean Up- (transition song for the classroom)

Set your classroom transitions to music!

Lots of online timers or stopwatches...very easy and fun to use with you students!

Classroom Timers - Fun Timers

Classroom Alarm Clock - Schedule music to play every day at same time. Great for transitioning.