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I am 'semi-fictional', which is difficult from an ontological perspective.
Arthur Wingsmith
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Augsburger_Wunderzeichenbuch,_Folio_1 (2)

Arthur Wingsmith - "You are a raw, bloody mass of severed connections.


The long intermission - Arthur Wingsmith


Canvas Art Prints Stretched Framed Painting Caspar David Friedrich Winter Night Old Age Death Times Day Ages Man Cycle 1803


Konstantinos Volanakis The Departure 1877 by 161 cm)

Hermit-Weller featured

Arthur Wingsmith - What kind of complication is born of suspension? The Hermit-Archivist knows, but he's not going to be very helpful.

Follow me ... please?

Andrea Pierini 1798 - 1858 The Meeting of Dante and Beatrice in Purgatory 1853 Oil on canvas 141 x 179 cm Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Palazzo Pitti, Florence

Dreams of Tempo

Arthur Wingsmith - Justin Tempo visits Arthur in his dreams. Justin is not happy.

Names and other abstractions

Arthur Wingsmith - Arthur meets Gary, a local Guru. Names, and other abstractions are discussed.