50 Things to Throw Out Now (and How to Dispose of Them)

50 Things to Throw Out Now (and How to Dispose of Them)

Use Wood Crates for a Shoe Rack!

The Best DIY Wood & Pallet Ideas

Best Laundry Chute Door Ever…

Best Laundry Chute Door Ever…

Porthole Laundry Chute >> Inspiration might be an understatement! This lady is awesome and reuses a lot of things. Here, she used a porthole from a ship as a laundry chute. I think this is genius!

The best paper clutter solution Storage Basket with Lid Perfect for Hiding…

The Best Paper Clutter Storage Solution. What Finally Worked for Me.

Buffet turned into bathroom vanity.

Country Cottage Bathroom Ideas - love this buffet used as a bathroom vanity. = This is what I plan to do with our bathrooms. I'm just looking for the right ones now.

Cover a boring (cheap) light switch plate with a fun fabric, paper, or wallpaper. Let Martha show you how it's done!

Sometimes a switch plate is best when painted to blend with a wall. And sometimes a room gets a lift if you make one stand out: Cover with extra-wide ribbon, wallpaper, sheet music, or map of a favorite place.