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Cheese from the United Kingdom

Though not as well known for cheese as most of continental Europe, there are some excellent cheeses being produced in the UK today. We carry a selection of the best available.
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Leicester is a firm pressed cow milk cheese with a gentle tangy bite. The color – from gold to red – used to come from carrot or beet juice, nowadays the cheeses are colored with the natural food coloring ingredient annatto. The cheese is rather mild, despite its brilliant color. The Leicester pairs wonderfully with a variety of wines but it is heavenly with IPA or Tempranillo.


Artisanal Premium Cheese

Lancashire epitomizes the "butter crumble" texture so characteristic of British cheeses. Lancashire is aged for 5 - 8 months to the point that it develops a delicate, lemony flavor and a long-lasting mellow tang. Try this cheese with Riesling or Gewürztraminer, a Pinot Noir, or a dark British Ale.


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