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    Got a Brown Thumb? You can Regrow Food in Water and save a ton of money on produce. Learn how to regrow lettuce, celery, and more from kitchen scraps!

    Support Elementos creating Post-apocalyptic visual novels

    <p>Last week, photos circulated on the Web of a shop in northern Mexico that fashioned a pinata after Trump.</p>

    White dude kills black folks in church in state flying confederate flag & it's not racism!? @AnthonyCody #Media

    (20) Bethesda - Twitter Search

    There are some ingredients I cook with so often I can never buy too many of them, and most of them are produce. Onions, garlic and fresh herbs are staples in a lot of dishes, and they may be inexpensive, but when you use them on a daily basis it can add up. Some foods [...]

    Chronic illnesses

    Life with a chronic disease... you just have to laugh at yourself sometimes :)

    When inflammation goes out of control—as in rheumatoid arthritis—it can damage the body. Here is a list of foods that help in curbing inflammation. Add them to your plate daily, from today. Eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and minimizing the consumption of processed foods goes a long way.

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    Mad Max: What It Takes to Make the Most Intense Movie Ever | WIRED

    "Our elections could use a little more #TMI. Put an end to #DarkMoney ( & join Stamp Stampede!" -Head Stamper Ben Cohen

    Dear Hair, I never thought it could be like this. You’re more beautiful than ever, and I promise to love you always. (Sponsored Review) #DoveHairAffair

    You’re absolutely gorgeous! (Sponsored Review) #DoveHairAffair

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    Center for Food Safety | News Room | National Organic Coalition Condemns Misguided USDA Advisory Committees Biotechnology Report and Recommendations

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    SpeakOut: chlorine and harsh chemicals in captive environments

    Find out how to maximize the uses of the coconut tree -- from the husks and roots to coconut oil -- through this Mercola infographic.