Pastel Painting

Take your pastel art to the next level with everything you need to know about how to paint with pastels, including Richard McKinley’s invaluable pointers, instruction, and pastel tips about materials and supplies.

Pastel Painting

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Meet Pastel Artist Richard McKinley - In this interview, Richard talks with ArtistsNetwork.TV about his passion for pastel painting, his landscape art inspirations, and more in this artist interview.

Preview the newest pastel painting video from here now--in this video preview of Alla Prima Pastel Painting with Richard McKinley, you'll learn how to simplify the painting process by focusing on shape, pattern, value, and gesture.

Love these pastel techniques from Richard McKinley's "Pastel Pointers" blog at #pastel #painting #art

Pastel Techniques: Tips for Sky Holes - Artist's Network

How to paint trees in pastel

Ignite your passion for portrait painting with art techniques from Debora Stewart &

Painting Tips for Abstract Portraits with Debora Stewart

Break into abstract art with these fun & easy composition and color lessons.

Composition & Color Tips for Abstract Painting with Debora Stewart

Self-Portrait With Plastic Horse (pastel, 36x24) by Gaela Erwin

Family Ties: Gaela Erwin Portrait Gallery

Self-Portrait With Wig (pastel, 26x25) by Gaela Erwin

Family Ties: Gaela Erwin Portrait Gallery

Preview the Abstract Art Techniques Painting Flowers in Pastel with Debora Stewart from www.ArtistsNetwor... here now for some quick take-home pastel painting tips--pastel painting has never felt so liberating!

Pastel Painting Tips for Abstract Flowers with Debora Stewart

Awesome resource > Plein Air Setups for Pastels, from Pastel Journal and #pastel #art #pleinair

Plein Air Setups for Pastels

How to paint abstract art in pastel

Take your pastel painting to the next level: Learn how to paint water in pastel with Amy K. Sanders' pastel color chart for painting waves and other pastel landscapes.

How to Paint Water in Pastel | Amy K. Sanders' Sea-Inspired Pastel Color Chart

More than just a pretty face: learn pastel painting techniques for vibrant skin tones using a watercolor underpainting with this video preview.

Portrait Painting in Pastel & Watercolor on Paper Preview

Sanctuary Entrance (12×9, pastel) was painted en plein air in San Miguel de Allen. Richard McKinley, #pastel #art #painting #Mexico

Painting Architecture and More in Mexico

Expert #painting advice from artist and author Richard McKinley, at #pastel #landscapes #art

Pastel Underpainting Freedom

How to Paint Landscape Art in Pastel -- Preview - YouTube

How to Paint Landscape Art in Pastel -- Preview
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    Artist's Network

    Learn how to capture light & color in landscape paintings here now with Alain Picard's new preview of his latest pastel art instruction video. Use analogous colors to set the mood of a landscape, and practice pastel techniques for precise lines and loose, painterly effects that you can put to immediate use for stunning landscape paintings.

Richard McKinley's Valentine to Pastel ♥ #pastel #painting

A Valentine to Pastel

Painting the Figure in Pastel |! Learn how to paint figures with Alain Picard in his latest video.

Painting the Figure in Pastel |

An Incremental Approach to Pastel Painting, by Richard McKinley. #pastel #painting #art

An Incremental Approach to Pastel Painting

Artist Louise Frechette, featured in the August 2008 issue of The Pastel Journal, paints an expressive ocean in an online demonstration.

Online Pastel Demonstration: A Wave of Emotion - Artist's Network

Excellent advice! Warm and cool analogous color schemes by pastel artist Alain Picard, at #pastel #art #tips

Be Forever Inspired by Light and Color - Artist's Network

Pastel Pointers with Richard McKinley #pastel #landscape #painting

Painting the Winter Season in Pastel

Pastel painting tips at

Artists Studios | Workspace, Sanctuary and Creativity Incubator

The drama of sunrise or sunset inspires awe. Enjoy a gallery of Lee A. Kimball, Becky Johnson and Stan Sperlak's spectacular renderings of the sun in pastel.

Gallery | Sunrise and Sunsets in Pastel

Morning Paper, pastel painting by Daniel Greene. #pastel #art #figure

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