I don't cause commotions I am one

I don't cause commotions I am one

Wherever I Can Be Musicking Or Performing / I'm a theater nerd. I like rock, pop punk, alternative, and indie. Yup. I'm an open book. That just about sums me up. ^^(get my reference ;)?)
I don't cause commotions I am one
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This is literally a accurate summary of my entire existence. This is what I thought when I first went to NYC

Every person in theatre has this problem. Rehearsal is not good for relationships. Purchase at http://teespring.com/TABS

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Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil Imagines Under Attack (Tony Perry cute imagine) - Wattpad~<<<<< this is so cute I smiled the whole way through!

This is so wrong...And I totally read it in Mario voice.

The Les Mis fandom is clearly not okay. But face it, this fandom hasn't been okay in 154 years.