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DIY projects done using a projector. It's not necessarily done with an Artograph projector, but these are some great ideas to try at home!


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Stenciled dresser. Have also seen this done with a projector-projecting the image onto the dresser or lamp shade and then paint on.

Classroom Freebies: Take a Mouse to the Movies Art Tracers

Wordsworth Pillow, Artograph Light Boxes, Art Projectors -- Artograph, Inc.

Wordsworth Pillow Tutorial | Artograph

Jackie used an Artograph Tracer Jr. Projector to help her with the guidelines for this wall mural.

Playroom Silhouette Mural | Teal and Lime
  • Damaris Galindo
    Damaris Galindo


Light Projector Art found in a Google Search. Make painting more enjoyable by projecting your ideas directly onto the canvas! Project used is the Prism, found at

used a projector to trace on the number design and then painted it in with homemade chalk paint.

Tree three-pane wall art that can be reproduced with a Projector. Make by getting three square canvases, paint them the background color of choice, project tree image and paint with wall color!

Her Beautiful Mess: Living Room Art

Wooden World Map made with help from an Art Projector. Excellent Wall Art or Table Design, amazing use of an art projector to make a large piece!

DIY Wooden World Map Art | The Happier Homemaker

Projector Wall Art: All Things Thrifty Home Accessories and Decor Tutorial: Quatrefoil DIY Decorative Wall Art

Tutorial: Quatrefoil DIY Decorative Wall Art

Left over wood flooring turned into wall art with paint and projector for image.

Art made from wood floor boards. - 4 Men 1 Lady

My sister and I created this deer head painting yesterday. The hardest part was taking the picture. It took a 3 dollar thrifted frame, cardboard, fabric, spray adhesive, an old school projector, a homemade stencil, white acrylic paint, a staple gun and an hour long kettle corn eating event.

Homemade Darth Maul Cake: This Darth Maul Cake was for my son's 5th birthday party. I found a picture of Darth Maul online, printed it and used an opaque projector to enlarge it.

Using Projector for DIY Mural + Here is the Color Scheme I am Working With....

Mafe Maria » Painting a Mural

diy art, love this for living room wall too This is cut out with jigsaw, but could use projector to transfer image then paint it.

SYTYCD Week 7: Building Materials…Decorative Wall Art
  • Taylor Morrison
    Taylor Morrison

    Looks great

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    Mike's Ibarra Sterling Silver Rings Shop


DIY inspiration... Paint a cabinet white, use a projector to pencil on your favourite cartoon strip, then trace with a sharpie. DO IT... it'll be awesome! (Then share a pic with me, pleeeease!)

41321_480.jpg 480×480 pixels picture on VisualizeUs

Laundry today or naked tomorrow... Could DIY this with the projector

Plåtskyltar & tavlor - In My House

Silhouettes - Saw this done by a teacher in my building with an overhead projector and black construction paper. It looks so amazing!

Nursery mural done with a projector.

Here is my process - Found the pictures on the internet of Frank and Bing and printed them off Then I went and photocopied my pictures onto transparent paper and blew them up with a projector - Drew them on with pencil And here is what I had so far: I first painted in the black\ Then I added the grey and DONE -

So neat, this is done with a projector and paint...this is do-able my daughter would love it on her wall : )

Girl in Air BLOG: I painted the WORLD!

I’ve had this black skateboard lying around for a while, so it was time to do something with it. Started with a projector and a pencil to trace the outlines. Then I went on with a thin white marker to enhance the outlines. Three layers of white ink later and the foundation was done. As a final touch I chose to use stippling technique for the shading, to get a nice but rugged gradient. Thanks to Niklas Bäversten for the projector and Erik Herrström for the camera. #shape #skate #typography

Chalkboard paint wall. Guitar mural done by hand with chalk and projector.

Analog Collective

Vintage french chocolate crate table. Tabletop design was done with an overhead projector and a SHARPIE....

Curbside Collector: Vintage French Chocolate Crate Table

love the sketch on the walls...and could easily be done with a DIY projector and vintage image and some acrylic paint or a pastel.

Finding My Way: Loving Home