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DIY projects done using a projector. It's not necessarily done with an Artograph projector, but these are some great ideas to try at home!
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Stenciled dresser. Have also seen this done with a projector-projecting the image onto the dresser or lamp shade and then paint on.

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African safari wall decal - I ended up doing something with the same effect as this. I chose a silhouette after googling images, used a projector to project it on the wall, traced the silhouette with pencil, then finally painted it in with regular wall paint. Super easy and it looks great and only cost as much as a small can of paint. #Cake

dj lizzi

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Classroom Freebies: Take a Mouse to the Movies Art Tracers

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Wordsworth Pillow, Artograph Light Boxes, Art Projectors -- Artograph, Inc.

Wordsworth Pillow Tutorial | Artograph

Teal + Lime by Jackie Hernandezfrom Teal + Lime by Jackie Hernandez

Playroom Silhouette Mural

Mural Whale

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Ocean Wall

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Playroom Silhouette

Ship Silhouette

Ship Mural

Jackie used an Artograph Tracer Jr. Projector to help her with the guidelines for this wall mural.

Playroom Silhouette Mural | Teal and Lime

Projector Prism

Products Projector

Ideas Directly


Canvas Project

Messy Church


Project Time

The Canvas

Light Projector Art found in a Google Search. Make painting more enjoyable by projecting your ideas directly onto the canvas! Project used is the Prism, found at

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Artograph Inc.

Numbered Nightstand

Barn Nightstand

Nightstand Makeover

Makeover 4

Nightstand Google

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Numbers Idea

used a projector to trace on the number design and then painted it in with homemade chalk paint.

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Tree three-pane wall art that can be reproduced with a Projector. Make by getting three square canvases, paint them the background color of choice, project tree image and paint with wall color!

Her Beautiful Mess: Living Room Art

Happier Homemaker

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Stained Map



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Wooden World Map made with help from an Art Projector. Excellent Wall Art or Table Design, amazing use of an art projector to make a large piece!

DIY Wooden World Map Art | The Happier Homemaker

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Projector Wall Art: All Things Thrifty Home Accessories and Decor Tutorial: Quatrefoil DIY Decorative Wall Art

Tutorial: Quatrefoil DIY Decorative Wall Art

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Left over wood flooring turned into wall art with paint and projector for image.

Art made from wood floor boards. - 4 Men 1 Lady

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Maryanne'S Wedding

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My sister and I created this deer head painting yesterday. The hardest part was taking the picture. It took a 3 dollar thrifted frame, cardboard, fabric, spray adhesive, an old school projector, a homemade stencil, white acrylic paint, a staple gun and an hour long kettle corn eating event.

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Star Wars Darth Maul Cake

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Homemade Darth Maul Cake: This Darth Maul Cake was for my son's 5th birthday party. I found a picture of Darth Maul online, printed it and used an opaque projector to enlarge it.

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Using Projector for DIY Mural + Here is the Color Scheme I am Working With....

Mafe Maria » Painting a Mural

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7 Building

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diy art, love this for living room wall too This is cut out with jigsaw, but could use projector to transfer image then paint it.

SYTYCD Week 7: Building Materials…Decorative Wall Art

Giuseppe Canevese

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DIY inspiration... Paint a cabinet white, use a projector to pencil on your favourite cartoon strip, then trace with a sharpie. DO IT... it'll be awesome! (Then share a pic with me, pleeeease!)

41321_480.jpg 480×480 pixels picture on VisualizeUs

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Laundry today or naked tomorrow... Could DIY this with the projector

Plåtskyltar & tavlor - In My House

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Silhouettes - Saw this done by a teacher in my building with an overhead projector and black construction paper. It looks so amazing!

digitally created silhouettes

Sophia Evangeline

Child Rooms

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Lucas Alexander

Family Keepsakes

A S Bedroom


Nursery mural done with a projector.

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Painting Frank

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Allthingsbeautiful Charity

Charity Blogspot

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Beautiful Black

Here is my process - Found the pictures on the internet of Frank and Bing and printed them off Then I went and photocopied my pictures onto transparent paper and blew them up with a projector - Drew them on with pencil And here is what I had so far: I first painted in the black\ Then I added the grey and DONE -

All Things Beautiful

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Girlinair Blogspot

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So neat, this is done with a projector and paint...this is do-able my daughter would love it on her wall : )

Girl in Air BLOG: I painted the WORLD!

Skateboard Lying

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Erik Herrström

I’ve had this black skateboard lying around for a while, so it was time to do something with it. Started with a projector and a pencil to trace the outlines. Then I went on with a thin white marker to enhance the outlines. Three layers of white ink later and the foundation was done. As a final touch I chose to use stippling technique for the shading, to get a nice but rugged gradient. Thanks to Niklas Bäversten for the projector and Erik Herrström for the camera. #shape #skate #typography

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Chalkboard paint wall. Guitar mural done by hand with chalk and projector.

Analog Collective

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Vintage french chocolate crate table. Tabletop design was done with an overhead projector and a SHARPIE....

Curbside Collector: Vintage French Chocolate Crate Table

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Diy Projector

Mural Walls

love the sketch on the walls...and could easily be done with a DIY projector and vintage image and some acrylic paint or a pastel.

Finding My Way: Loving Home