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Making a homemade projector to enlarge a pattern and make a stencil.

Large Stencilled Pallet Clock Tutorial -


Good idea for iPhone!! Watch tv!

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  • Aaron Dagampat
    Aaron Dagampat


  • Heaven Cortez
    Heaven Cortez

    My wont work...

How to make a projector for kids

How to make a projector for kids | eHow UK


product design sketches

Core77 + Aava Mobile Design Invitational: The Results are In!


DIY opaque projector. Just set over an illustration and project image onto wall. Great way to trace art onto kid's walls.

Opaque projector - DIY


This looks like all the makings of a basic projector!

Finkbuilt » Blog Archive » Opaque Projector

  • J Warrington
    J Warrington


A little sketch of the components inside of a LCD projector...

Build your own LCD Video Projector


Homemade projector... Really the IPHONE???

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  • Princess Lydia Froilan
    Princess Lydia Froilan

    Does this really work? Cause that'd be the bomb.com

  • Colleen Dale
    Colleen Dale

    I think I'll try this

  • Savannah Meyers
    Savannah Meyers

    I tried it. I think I failed.

Home-made slide projector: use as a photog enlarger?

How To - Make slide projector


Homemade iPhone Projector!

Homemade iPhone Projector Puts Shoeboxes To Good Use | TechHive

  • Kayla Richardson
    Kayla Richardson

    i like the idea of the projector. i think that is something i would like to try.

  • Kenna Davis
    Kenna Davis

    Is there a certain way the magnify glass has to go?

A homemade projector

Build your own home made projector


Homemade projector to make a mural on a wall in a nursery or anything else you can imagine up for almost any room of the home. Use a clear sheet protector and copy your picture or design on it with permanent marker to use on the projector :) Must do!

Paint a Mural in a Child's Nursery : Projection

  • Chidi Uche
    Chidi Uche

    not gonna lie, the lightbulb wasn't strong enough and so I used my iphone flashlight instead. Here's the shorthand: - tape 5 sides of the box so that they are completely closed, not letting any light in - tape transparency with image/outline to the open window on the '6th' side - place iphone flashlight so the light shines in your face, touch screen to the back - pull the transparency down so the light shines through it; turn off all lights - face the box towards an empty wall and PROJECT

My Homemade Projector. Made Using A Box, A Magnifying Glass, And Your Mobile Device!

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Fun Project!!!! :) DIY Projector

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Homemade smartphone projector…

Dont own a projector?? This is PERFECT!! Make your own DIY overhead projector for tracing wall murals.

Homemade smartphone projector…

turn your iphone in to a projector with a shoe box, paper clip and magnifying glass. worth a try!

Bubble Snakes. Will keep kids busy!

Something About Nothing: Making Stencils

DIY Coil iPhone Cable - not sure if heating the cable would damage it...