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Books, Book Art, Journals

A notebook takes on a friendly character, the patina of its daily use, its doodles and coffee stains. It becomes an indispensable artifact .......” - Writer Paul Theroux

Books, Book Art, Journals

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    she tells stories


How cool is this? The Alnarp Library in Sweden has a 217 volume collection of wooden books called The Tree Library. Each book describes a specific tree—its binding is bark, moss and lichens found on that species and the book interiors hold more natural surprises. The books were made in Germany during the 19th century.

How cool is this?  The Alnarp Library in Sweden... | Leaflets

Molley Kelley, Briarcliff Manor, NY 1927, diary entry, drawings, collages, certificates, and posters; artifacts even a fragment from a broken shovel. Today, 80 years later, ghosted impressions of cloth tape add layer of withered beauty to pages, once carefully composed, with limited means, by a thoughtful young diarist.

The Daily Scrapbook

Francçois du Plessis

Francois du Plessis - Artworks

A chalk sketch believed to have been drawn by Leonardo da Vinci . The drawing remained hidden for more than a century, between the cover and first page of a book that had belonged to the one-time Cardinal of Genoa

Red Book by Kimberly Kersey-Asbury

Red Books, Vol. I, II, III | Kimberly Kersey Asbury

Landscape Book (interior detail), pigment, oil and acrylic paint, hand-stitched canvas artist book. by Kimberly Kersey-Asbury

A book made from paper and chalk to create erasable pages.

Ward Schumaker Obliterating St. Augustine, a hand-painted book, 13" x 19", 64 pages, created in 2005.

Ward Schumaker Obliterating St. Augustine, a hand-painted book, 13" x 19", 64 pages, created in 2005.

Ward Schumaker: Hand-Painted Books 2005

Ward Schumaker: Hand-Painted Books 2005

Day In & Day Out: Sandra Brownlee: Notebooks (part one)

Day In & Day Out: Sandra Brownlee: Notebooks (part one)

"Codex Rotundus", un libro d'ore di 9 cm di diametro, composto nel 1480 a Bruges. Biblioteca della Cattedrale di Hildesheim, Germania

Power Grid Mark Bovey

Mark Bovey - Power Grid

Doug Beube, Books of Knowledge Standing Up Against the Elements, 1989

Sonia Delaunay

library of lost books

The Library of Lost Books

Japanese recipe book

little eyecatchers: receipt book

J. Morgan Puett | Wholesale to The Trade Only

india flint

prophet of bloom: packing for the pond hop

COUNTER ■FACE: < Ann Hamilton >

COUNTER ■FACE: < Ann Hamilton >

Ann Hamilton