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Artsy Techniques & Creative Ideas

Build, make, create, paint, and more

The Art of Emotional Resilience | creativity in motion

Catching dreams: Art therapy project puts hope in hands of people who need it most

Giving Your Dream Wings through Creative Practice: 3x5 365 | creativity in motion

Medicine Bag- made and written by: @Rachel Nova , Art Therapist & Artist.

Travel Journals Rock! - daisy yellow - create explore paint

This week's creative reading >>> Blogged: The Joy of Art Abandonment: Create and Share Random Acts of Art : via Creativity in Motion

Healing Dolls as Therapeutic Art Therapy Intervention

Everyday Courage: Artist Challenge Coins | creativity in motion

Art Therapy in Juvenile Detention « Virginia Art Therapy Association

Creating a Self Regulation Comfort Kit >> Relaxation Bottle | creativity in motion : My long term goal is to create some kind of comfort kit that includes a variety of these hands on tools that I can use in my group work with school age youth impacted by trauma.

Art Directive: Edith Kramer's use of sublimation as an art therapy technique. I painted my way through the process of first feeling angry, than sad, than confused and finally content.

Art response journal to active listening. This was a process I used to "digest" the experiences of others. Through it, I found I felt more connected to the speaker as well as larger humanity. I also found that if a particular story really stuck with me, this was a good process of letting go. **The dialogue in the image is not an actual dialogue. It is completely made up and exaggerated.

Why do a "draw my life" when you can draw a mandala? It's always a good time to draw a mandala. ▶ All My Mandalas - YouTube Video

14 Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life via @Lani Glanville : Challenge #40- Inspired by the teachings of Edith Kramer: The Wishing Stone

Creative Planning: Mind Mapping | creativity in motion >> Over the last year, I’ve started to use this visual technique to organize ideas and thoughts and have found it super helpful for projects, meetings or presentations, and things I need help in better understanding or making sense of.

Belly casting celebrates baby and pregnancy: Registered art therapist Emily Boyce started offering pregnancy belly casting services in 2011. She already worked with pregnancy and pregnancy loss art therapy groups, and belly casting seemed like the natural next step.

Creative Goodness Alert! Spotlight on one of the 6 Degrees of Creativity virtual workshops starting on March 1 > Everyday Creativity:

Tokens of Kindness: The Creative Deed Project | 6 Degrees of Creativity

February Warm Up With Winter Fatigue Art | creativity in motion

Workshops | e-Offerings | Courses: Gretchen Miller, Registered Board Certified Art Therapist, Certified Trauma Consultant

Mandala Exchange: Peering to the Other Side of the Mandala 2 of 2

Introduction to SoulCollageⓇ At the Art Therapy Institute Carrboro, NC

How are you launching or nurturing your creative daily practice in 2014? >>> 3x5 365 | creativity in motion