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Christina Farley

History of Art student at Cambridge. Art, Architecture, History: Things, Places, People.

Joachim Friess, Diana and the Stag, automaton, silver, silver gilt, jewels & enamel, c.1620, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1610 - automaton and clock. This incredible automaton features a beautiful clock underneath the skull cap. Over the course of a few minutes the mandible opens, then snaps shut all of a sudden. The snakes in two eye sockets alternately emerge and retreat. Created in 1610 by Nicolaus Schmidt der Junger

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Fig 12: Title page: Das andaechtig Zeytgloecklein des Lebens un Leydens Christi nach den 24 Stunden aufgeteylt. Bertoldus-Berthold von Freiburg, Ulm 1493. Keeping Faith and Keeping Time: Old Testament Images on Mennonite Clocks :: Mennonite Life - December 2000, vol. 55 no. 4

File:Petrus Astronomus Astronomical clock in Uppsala Cathedral.jpg

Fig 11: "Von Verlierung der Zeit" (Of the Loss of Time), woodcut in 1532 German edition of Franciscus Petrarcha’s Von der Artzney bayder Glueck / Des Guten und Widerwaertigen Keeping Faith and Keeping Time: Old Testament Images on Mennonite Clocks :: Mennonite Life - December 2000, vol. 55 no. 4

Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, daughter of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Fig. 2. 'Triumph of Death', Book of Hours, Geofroy Tory, 1531. [book page]

Isaak Habrecht - Isaac and Josias Habrecht - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

the scholar in her study, woodcut from iacopo filippo foresti, de plurimis claris selectisque mulieribus, 1497

King Edward VI c. 1551 by Guillim Scrots. Edward in full profile again. The plant follows the sun - but here faces King Edward. Suggests he is more important - greater than the sun. First time that allegorical emblems are used in Royal portraiture.

Allegorical Portrait of Elizabeth I, Boughton Hall. Grace Elliot's Blog: 'Familiar Felines.' - 'Trixie' in the Tower of London. - September 25, 2010 03:44

Feast stiltwalker, Luttrell Psalter - by mpt.1607, via Flickr

The Countess of Sussex by Paulus Van Somer (1576/78-1622) a Flemish artist who arrived in England from Antwerp during the reign of King James I of England and became one of the leading painters of the royal court. Which countess of Suffolk this is, I don't know, could be Bridget Morison, wife of Robert Radcliffe, the 5th earl. (His mother was Elizabeth Howard, the half-sister of the Elizabeth Howard who was Anne Boleyn's mother.)

(Holding watch?) Workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger (German, 1497/98–1543). Lady Lee (Margaret Wyatt, born about 1509), early 1540s. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Bequest of Benjamin Altman, 1913 (14.40.637)

Portrait of a LadyPortrait of a Lady (presumed to be Anne Fettiplace, Mrs Henry Jones I) by British (English) School, National Trust Date painted: 1614 Oil on panel, 98 x 75 cm National Trust, Chastleton House

German, Late C16th. Wall clock with engraved gilt-brass case and a later silver chapter-ring; verge escapement with balance; weight-driven; striking-train (hours only). TRAIN-COUNTS. Going. Gt wheel 70 2nd wheel 40/10 3rd wheel 42/8 Contrate wheel 26/6 Crown wheel 11/6 Gt wheel arbor squared to take pinion of 12 to drive hour-wheel 72. Striking. Gt wheel 60 Hoop wheel 60/10 Pin wheel 48/6 Fly 6 Gt wheel arbor squared to take pinion of 12 to drive count-wheel 78. British Museum

Italian, C16th, Small iron wall clock; iron case and movement; weight-driven with verge escapement and foliot; striking-train with count-wheel set at a right-angle to the train.